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Are you worried about dirty bird's nest/bird's nest with many black spots?

Let's explore what causes these dirty bird's nests, our name is "lumut" bird's nest. Two factors are the main reasons:

1. The fleas in the bird house are infested seriously. The most obvious situation is the black sand bird's nest; and we can feel itchy body/foot when we go in.

Why does the above situation occur:

1. Common reasons: humidity, mold and fleas all like high humidity environments, plus factors such as the use of wood boards that have not been dried.

2. Lack of management: There are a lot of flea control products on the market, once you find that you need to use and control it immediately; of course, if you want to spray on the board, it is recommended that you use it 100% non-toxic products to ensure food safety.

This is one of the product recommended, which fulfilled the above criteria;

We often take this product on travels. If we spray the bed before going to bed, we can ensure that we don't feel any small things walking around on our body. Because it is not poisonous, we can lie down immediately after spraying. I believe that many people have similar experiences when they accidentally lie in bed after going home from the swallow house.

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