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From their words

By genuine customers


My beloved Master in swiftlet industry and friend: Mr.Koay

Recalling the first time that I purchased Swiftlet House equipment from Mr. Koay over the phone. A cordial and sincere voice rang over the phone. After asking Mr. Koay a few questions..., he answered them in detail. Wow! He is very different from other Consultants. Okay, let's just give it a try! 

"Hello, Koay, SKY115 Super Tweeter is not ideal, only a few birds come to play. Its sound is not clear at all, it's the same even though I used it with Booster!" After his sharing on some tips on tuning, I found that Oh! It turns out that the power of Amplifier is too small and the sound cannot be played with inadequate power placed.

"Hello Koay, the sound quality is only slightly better, and it still can’t achieve the crystal sound as you describe!" Oh, it turns out that the db is tuned wrongly, and the treble, mid and bass are also tuned wrongly. After learning several mindful step-by-step advises from Koay, Yeah! I finally managed to tune my tweeter output to the crystal clear sound.

The next day, I couldn't wait to try it out the new skills with the tweeters in that air-well style "scrap shop". The so-called "scrap shop" is the swiftlet house where no swiftlets come to visit, haha...!

At 7 O'clock in that evening, I called Koay again.

"Hello, Koay! Is the 3-ft x 5-ft inner entrance hole too small?" Koay replied "No! Why do you ask so? Does the bird dare not come down and enter the inner entrance hole?" I answered "No! It’s just that the sound produced by Sky115 is so nice and melodic! Hundreds of birds lined up to enter the inner entrance hole, haha, I am so happy..." (Note: These swiftlets play and rove around the entrance hole until the external sound is turned off. Until now, this phenomenon still happens from time to time).

After gaining confidence, I successively bought G1L4 and G3L0 from Koay for trial use, and the results were very good.

6 months after the "scrap shop" operating, 68 bird's nests have been completely constructed and 38 new nests have been made with the base. Another shop lot that already had 136 bird's nests, after using MDK's products, increased to 388 bird's nests in just 4 months. In the first 2 months in another suburban area, 78 birds have been inhabited, 12 of them have been made with base, and 3 of half of the bird’s nests have been completed. There is another shop lot had been inhabited by birds 2 days after its commencement day.

Dear swiftlet industry fellows, I am not promoting MDK products. I just want to share good things with you. I hope it will be helpful to those failed bird houses, and I also hope that we can all have successful bird houses.

Finally, my main purpose for writing this letter is to thank Mr.Koay, appreciate his mindful sharing, and thank him for his selfless advice and sincere treatment! I cherish and be grateful!

In a nutshell, a failed swiftlet house must have its reasons (except location). For example: swiftlet house design, temperature, humidity, layout and arrangement of external and internal tweeters, sound quality, quality of amplifier, speaker wire, etc.... Everyone can understand the reasons and factors that I mentioned earlier, but do you really digest them, and and explore them in deep...?

(translated from original letter in hand writting)

Image by Katie Harp
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