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The trees outside the swiftlet house will directly affect the growth of swiftlet

1. Like this picture, the leaves against the outer wall will make predators and pests easy to climb and jump into the swiftlet house

2. If it is near the entrance of the bird's entrace, it will greatly reduce the sense of security of the swiftlet.

Another thing to note is that trees that sway, like oil palm trees, will affect the swiftlet to live at the entrance of the first hole.

Let’s talk a digression; trees are not only exquisite in bird houses, and our homes are also not suitable for random tree planting. Fruit trees at home will absorb the energy around the house, and small fruit trees will attract bats in bird house. If the trees face the door of the house, and the feng shui is called "cross heart disaster". What is the name of the tree facing the entrance of the swiftlet house? Haha

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