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Low-risk investment in swiftlet farming & bird house

Everyone knows that every investment has risks, but in many cases the risks are not proportional; that is to say, the sentence [high risk, high return] is not necessarily true.

Under certain circumstances, we can also achieve [low risk, high return]. Today we will take a look at how the bird’s house industry can achieve [low risk, high return]

I will share my 4 secret with you as follows:

  1. Don't take a loan to invest in a bird's nest

  2. Although leveraged investment can maximize the benefits of money, BUT if the funds on hand are not enough, you can design a low-cost plan. Don't increase the pressure and reduce the confidence, because [anxious] is a taboo for all investments. Everyone knows that swiftlet doesn't like to be disturbed. If he is anxious, he may go in and take a look every day, which greatly reduces the success rate.

  3. Do as many things as you have, but the bigger the space, the faster you will attract the swallows. The bigger bird house is just better to control the light.

  4. Master more basic knowledge before starting to invest

  5. A driver who drives for many years is definitely less risky on the road than a driver who drives for the first time, am I right? Because he has mastered the basic knowledge of driving.

  6. Choose a location that is easier to succeed and invest in swiftlet [A] area, also called Egg Yolk area, where the birds are less vigilant and less competition in the Swiftlet houses, which is more conducive to investment.

  7. Use the right equipment; 1 good quality equipment can be better than 3 normal quality equipment. The effectiveness of attracting birds is of course also much better.

  8. Reduce unnecessary initial investment funds

  9. As mentioned above, a big-size Swiftlet house may not grow faster than a small-size Swiftlet house in the first 5 to 10 years, but the investment capital has been greatly increased, and the time to get back the cost will naturally be longer. The risk is relatively high.

  10. Modification of existing shophouses (you need to review the government regulations yourself); in contrast, the initial capital required for modification of existing shophouses may only be 10-20% of that of newly built Swiftlet houses. Even many of our customers do it by themselves. It ranges from few thousands to forty thousand Malaysia Dollar. In this case, the risk is lower again. In our case, there are many investors who can realize to get back the initial cost at the 1-2 years of investment.

  11. Theft & Predator control

  12. In Malaysia, the hardest part to control is swiftlet house thief, who caused many little birds to sacrifice and destroy many equipment inside. While considering the location, public security issues need to be considered.

  13. We have repeatedly emphasized the importance of predator control. If you are able to control predator, your Swiftlet House has obvious advantages and lower risks compare to other investors.

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