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Will color of tweeter speaker inside the bird house will affect the birds?

White? black? What color tweeter are the most attractive to swiftlet?

Here are two facts for you;

fact 1. The purpose of the horn is to use [sound] to attract swallows, not color.

The speaker material, voice coil, type, shape will affect the sound generated but the color does not affect the sound.

fact 2. The eyes of swiftlets are not good in dim/dark lights, so they use echolocation sound extensively.

Once you turn off the light in the Swiftlet House, you will hear dak dak dak... However, there is very little echo localization when the light is turned on.

The color inside the Swiftlet House only affects the reflection of the light in the Swiftlet House, and affects the brightness of the Swiftlet House;

I would like to ask everyone, Now, do you still believe that the color of the speaker still affect whether the bird like it or not?

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