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The value of bird house and bird's nest

In investment, there is a very important key factor to study, which is [sustainable development] , which means that the things you invest in will not be eliminated quickly, otherwise the investment will not last.

Let’s talk about why the Swiftlet House is a sustainable investment;

  1. Bird's nest is increasing year by year, and the output is rare, not mechanized production

  2. The value of bird's nest is gradually recognized by the scientific research community, it is not a hype

  3. China's market share has increased, bird's nest has become popular, and more and more people can afford it

  4. Bird's nest has a unique and rare ingredient called sialic acid

Let’s take a look at the effect of [sialic acid]. This is a case that I learned at the Bird’s Nest Forum in Guangzhou in 2019 and was confirmed by the university’s scientific research team;

Many people know that long-term use of aluminum products can cause heavy metals to penetrate into the body, leading to Alzheimer's disease. So why does it cause Alzheimer's disease?

What the laboratory does Inject aluminum into the body of the experimental mouse and observe the connection of the rat's brain nerves.

In just one month, most of the brain nerves were disconnected, and the rat could not get out of the small maze. Later, the researchers injected bird’s nest sialic acid into the mouse’s body and observed it for another month. They were surprised to find that most of the broken brain nerves had been reconnected.

Through this research, it is not difficult to find that sialic acid plays an important role in brain development and preventing aging. Therefore, children need sialic acid in class, adults need sialic acid to strengthen their brains, and the elderly need sialic acid to prevent aging.

Knowing this, do you still think that bird's nest is a pure beauty product?

Why is such a good thing not worth the investment?

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