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The scientific angle controls the heat absorbed by the wall

In addition to the material used for the wall, the color of the wall surface will also directly affect the temperature of the swiftlet house; the test in the picture shows that the temperature of ordinary cement plastering (gray) is 35.8 degrees Celsius, the temperature of white is 30.6 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of dark surfaces is 38.5 degrees Celsius. The difference between the deepest and the shallowest temperature is 7.9 degrees Celsius.

Many masters might say that the temperature has no direct effect on the swiftlet house. The higher temperature it is, the more it helps the bird to hatch their eggs. I agree with [too cold] is not suitable for swiftlet to live in, but there are statistics for everything.

Swiftlet do not like habitats below 26 degrees Celsius, and can accept a maximum temperature of almost 40+ degrees Celsius. What is his favorite temperature? According to big data, many successful swiftlet houses are almost between 28-31 degrees Celsius.

If it is too cold, it will greatly increase the difficulty of incubating eggs. If it is too hot, the water content will decrease, making it difficult to spit out water to make a nest. Therefore, what the Yanzi’s house seeks is [stable temperature] stability

That is, the difference between night and day is not big, and it will not be hot and cold. This is why the two-story wall is so important.

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