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Brightness will affect the sense of security of swiftlet?

Swiftlet's eyes are poor in the swiftlet's house. When new birds come into a completely unfamiliar environment, they will be afraid.

Therefore, the new bird will spend some time spinning outside, then slowly wandering in and out of the hole, and then play in the roaming room, and then fly in and out. At this time, the most important thing is to attract it to the depths of the swallow house as soon as possible, and let it stand near the internal sound horn as soon as possible.

However, after entering the second hole, the light began to decrease, and many partitions and other factors caused some parts to be too dark, so the swallow would make a lot of echo localization sounds (dak dak dak). In addition, you can also install very weak lights in particularly dark corners (the lights should avoid shining on the bird's nest board).

In addition to this, swiftlets also rely heavily on lights to find entrances and exits. They think that the place with light is the exit. They are making bird’s nests. If they can quickly turn around and see the lights at the entrance and exit, they will feel more secure.

However, it should be noted that too many or too bright installations will have the opposite effect, causing them to be confused because they cannot find the outlet at the light source.

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