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If snake enter your bird house, the birds are not afraid?

Today, a customer told me that using NBH (Hormone) had no effect. After we carefully asked the details; he said that he saw different snakes all the year round, and sometimes he saw snakes behind the tweeters when harvesting bird’s nests, and the swiftlet were still hanging on the bird’s nest. There is no fear at all...

Everyone, try to think about it, if you were a swiftlet, would you be afraid?

It must be scared! It will not fly away for two reasons:

1. It looks like a big bird, but in fact it is a little bird just about to learn to fly, it can't fly

2. It's incubating eggs, or it needs to take care of the birds, can't fly, the mother has great love.

I have always emphasized that bird house has predator, and it is guaranteed that it will fall in production.

When swiftlet discover that there is a snake, even it is on the ground floor, the swiftlet outside the three-story building are not dare to fly home. Their sensitivity are definitely greater than you can imagine. When facing problem of snakes, everyone knows how to deal with it. Yet?

After using the NBH bird’s nest hormone, most healthy bird’s nest houses told me that the results are very good, if it is really not ideal, look for the problem then.

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