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How to test the quality and development process of amplifier

Let me share with you the process that a new amplifier must go through, which is the aging of the machine, which is also called a stress test, to see how much pressure it can withstand, and what parts will break first, and then optimize;

This process can greatly reduce the failure rate.

Due to the long-term high humidity and high temperature in the Swiftlet House, there is a lot of dust, so some people put these machines directly into the Swiftlet House to do aging test.

Everyone pay attention to the necessities of aging amplifier;

1. A thermometer which can record time and temperature, generally measures at least a few important parts.

2. High-power resistors (green color tube shown in the picture imitate a speaker)

3. High-power speakers, to monitor & listen to its sound quality

During the test, a cloth will be spread on the table to prevent short-circuit contact. There is also the maximum volume of all the sound volume, such a limit test can ensure that the problem is found early.

Everyone wants to know how to test what many Watt is it?

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