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What kind of wall material should be used for the bird house?

For the new swiftlet farmers, it is especially important to discuss the structure of the house before starting, and it is very difficult to modify once it is built.

1. Avoid using light bricks on the main walls, although good insulation but having too many other problems. (Light brick is also called foam brick)

2. Use two-layer bricks for wall if possible, mainly for good heat insulation, anti-cold and heat preservation.

The distance between the wall and wall depends on your environment; in mountainous areas or cold environments, you don’t need to reserve space. (Two bricks sticking together) You need to keep a bit wider in the middle of a hot place.

3. Is wood or brick better? The advantage of wood is that it does not absorb too much heat, which causes a large amount of hot air to be discharged into the house at night. The disadvantage is safety and durability.

4. Red clay bricks are better than sand bricks? If conditions permit, the thermal insulation effect of red bricks will be better, but sand bricks can also be made ideally.

5. Do I need to apply cement plastering to the surface of the brick?

It is recommended that both inside and outside be cement plastering. This is not only good-looking, but also greatly reduces the hot and cold air permeated by the walls, and maximizes the stability of the swallow house.

The summary is that no matter what the material is, you can make a successful swallow house, you only need to avoid the above mistakes, just to measure whether there are these resources in your place.

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