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How to maintain the little swiftlet?

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Swiftlet will breed 3-4 times a year. Calculated by 3 times, each time with two eggs, a pair of swiftlet will breed at least 6 new baby swiftlet a year.

Calculating from a "Small Bird House" with 100 bird’s nests, 100 bird’s nests will produce 600 small swiftlet every year. If 20% are left, you don’t need to rely on foreign swiftlet. Your bird’s nest will only be in the next year. There will be 120 new swallows left, which means that in the second year, if you have 2 swiftlet to be a nest, you should have 160 bird's nests in the next year!

By analogy, there should be no failed swiftlet houses! !

Next, I will share with you 3 secrets of keeping the little swiftlet!

  1. Don't harvest the new bird's nest that is made for the first time, let him do it for the second time! New birds that have just completed their first nest are generally insecure. If a bird that has just flew away cannot see its original nest, he will think the place is not safe enough. Let him do the second harvest.

  2. Pay attention to the predator. Many old farmers have been telling that the swiftlet population have fallen severely in the past few years. In the end, they discovered that there were [unidentified birds] or other predators attacking, causing the swiftlet to be slowly eaten or left. Many new farmers don't care, or say, there are no predators here. The reason you say that there are no predator is because you have not enough birds. Once there are more, predator will definitely come!

  3. Keep the swiftlet with aroma. Did you know that swiftlet are very sensitive to smell? The smell will greatly enhance their sense of security. Once your smell makes him addicted, he will not get used to other people's swiftlet houses, and the chances of staying will increase.

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