Products Catagories

Swiftlet attracting scents to boost the growth rate


Element to play the imitation swiftlets' sound. There are majorly 2 types, external and internal tweeters.


References for swiftlet farming, bird nest cleaning, recipes, etc.


Nest Cleaning Tools

  • Packaging boxes and gift bags
  • Tweezers
  • Nest moulds
  • Magnifiers
  • Purifier and ultrasonic cleaner



To increase humidity level in swiftlet house

To repel predator and treats to swiftlets

Imitation nest for swiftlets more likely to build nests and to get the full cup nest.

Assessment tools to monitor condition is swiftlet house such as humidity, lux, temperature, sound level etc. Tool like data logger is able to record the complete data of humidity and temperature for a period of time.

Wire stripping tools, soldering tools, tacker etc.