MDK Swiftlet Sdn. Bhd. (formerly know as MDK Swiftlet Enterprise) was established by Mr. Koay MD, the author of "引燕技术 • 百万收入" and "Swiftlet Farming • A Millionaire to be". Our company is located at Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia.

Besides providing different types of swiftlet farming equipment and many innovative products which help in swiftlet farming, we also helps many unsuccessful swiftlet farmers to find  out the reasons and solve their problems. The practical results of the company and Mr. Koay himself have been recognized and highly looked upon by the swiftlet farming community.

Services provided :
  • Swiftlet house design & improvement
  • Edible bird nest trading
  • Supply wide range of swiftlet farming equipment, sound system, reference book, humidifier, nest cleaning tools,etc.
  • Agarwood (Gaharu) trading and inoculation

MDK Swiftlet Sdn. Bhd.是由《引燕技术 • 百万收入》和 "Swiftlet Farming • A Millionaire to be"的作者郭先生创设于马来西亚吉打双溪大年。


  • 燕屋设计和改良
  • 纯正燕窝买卖
  • 提供各类燕屋/燕窝器材
  • 沉香交易和引香