Testimonial of MDK Nest Boosting Hormone 芳香剂效果见证


同时,也很多放置已久的燕屋开始打理了。以下这一篇见证是近5年没什么成长的燕屋在使用 MDK燕窝增长激素后的见证。 这间燕屋在使用这个芳香剂短短半年内增加了200多个新燕窝。

2017 is a year of blessing where many swiftlet ranchers long waited; Raw edible nest price shoot up significantly in a very short period of time. Those who have taken good care of their bird house for the past few years have gained very lucrative income for this season.

At the same time, there are many abandoned swiftlet houses being revamped and taken care recently. The video above is the testimonial showing the effectiveness after the application of MDK Nest Boosting Hormone. This bird house has broken a significant record of more than 200 nests increment within 6 month after the application of this hormone.