Irrigation Timer


1. Water tap connection
2. Union nut
3. LCD dsiplay
4. Control key
5. Battery compartment
6. Hose connection
7. Screw cover

Technical data
Water connection:
21mm tap with 26.5mm thread
Hose connection:
13mm (1/2”) – suitable for all known plug-in systems
Water pressures:
Max. 10 bar/150 PSI
Water temperature:
Max. 40 degree Celsius
Irrigation medium:
Clear fresh water
2 x 1.5V Mignon AM/L 26

This irrigation computer must be used only for the control of irrigation systems in the domestic sector.

Connecting to the water tap
  • For connection you need a water tap with a 26.5mm thread.
  • Unscrew the union nut (2) to enable the water tap connection (1) to move freely.
  • Screw irrigation computer firmly onto the water tap by the tap connection. Turnthe appliance so that the control panel can be seen easily.
  • Screw union nut up tight.
  • Connect hose to hose connection (6).
Screw connection up by hand . Do not use a wrench.
Always keep screw cover (7) closed to prevent dirt from entering and incorrect operation.