H4N1 Bio Aroma 1L


Reduce ammonia content in swiftlet house
Reduce nitrite content in bird house
Ensure clean and white bird nest produced 

  1. Decrease the population of bacteria which produce ammonia and hidrogen sulphide
  2. Decompose the waste (bird dropping) optimally
  3. Destroy the structure of molecule which might produce ammonia smell and sulphur gas to ensure the swiftlets' nests are clean and free of nitrite.
  4. Reduce the dirt in pool inside bird house and clarify pool water which is feculent and stink.

Way to use
To eliminate ammonia smell and foul smell
Dissolve 1L of H4N1 with 10L water (free of chlorine). Then, spray on bird droppings and floor. Repeat twice a month.
*Dissolve 1L of H4N1 with 5L of water (free of chlorine) for those who spray once a month.

To remove foul smell of pool inside bird house
Pour 1L H4N1 into pool (size:1 M3) every month

Caution: Use within 3 months once the bottle is opened.

Note: Suitable for old bird houses