Tenopa SC


  • a new insecticide from BASF that demonstrates a fast knockdown, broad spectrum of control.
  • Kitchen and food processing use grade
  • TENOPA SC is formulated as a water-based suspension concentrate (SC) which optimizes the activity of both active ingredients in a residual surface spray that does not corrode, or stain, and hence, is particularly suitable for use in domestic and public areas. 
  • The SC is a particulate formulation suspended in water which provides greatly increased residual control compared to solvent-based formulations, especially when applied to absorbent surfaces such as mortar, brick, or cement. 
  • In addition, TENOPA SC does not stain, or corrode and application rates are low that spray deposit is practically invisible. 
  • It may, therfore, be used with confidence, even in sensitive areas such as SWIFTLET HOUSES.