Ultrasonic Mist Maker Maintenance Kits


  • Comes with replacement ceramic disc (membrane) & key tool for installation
  • Black rubber edge around disc is for packaging only, remove it before installing

Follow the instruction below to change the disc:

1. Unplug the mist maker power and remove mist maker from water container, dry it with soft cloth.

2. Using the replacement disc/key tool, insert the key into the winding ring and turn counter clockwise.
3. Remove the filler piece(washer) and ceramic disc. IMPORTANT, note that there is a front and back of the ceramic. Be sure to re-install with the correct side(No black color ring side) facing up.
4. Clean mineral deposits on the ceramic with a soft cloth and re-install it or proceed to install a new ceramic disk in the reverse order of the above.
5. The inside area of the mist maker cavity must be completely dry before the parts are installed.

How to change the replacement ceramic discs in an Ultrasonic Mist Maker