AMP34   G.W. AUDIO SA-1103 AMPLIFIER 55W (2-channel)
[can support up to 200 piezo tweeters]
RM230 per unit

AMP35   VLLIODOR DS-1003 AMPLIFIER 100W (2-channel)
[can support up to 400 piezo tweeters]
RM295 per unit

AMP36   ZENN PRO-360 AMPLIFIER 80W (2-channel) with FM Tuning Radio
[can support up to 300 piezo tweeters]
RM285 per unit

AMP03   ZENN PRO-720 AMPLIFIER 95W (2-channel)
[can support up to 350 piezo tweeters]
RM295 per unit

AMP37   BGB PA-3080T AMPLIFIER 150W (2-Channel)
[can support up to 500 piezo tweeters]
RM310 per unit

AMP29   NIPPON AV-2233 AMPLIFIER  AC/DC 2 ZONES 30W (2-channel)
[can support up to 100 piezo tweeters]
RM320 per unit

  • Promotions are subject to stock availability
  • First come first served basis

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